Blackjack rules

The peculiarity of this card game is that the players (there may be several of them at the table) do not oppose each other. The main opponent is the casino dealer. At the beginning the croupier hands out two cards to each player. Based on what their numerical value (how many points on the hands), the player can choose the next step. Now you should learn how to play black jack.

According to blackjack guide, there are some basic commands for all variations:

  • Hit. In this case, the dealer hands over to the player another card.
  • Stand. The end of the better's turn, now the croupier does the action.
  • Split. A great option if a player gets two cards with the same value on his hands. This command allows to split them into two "hands" and play each separately.
  • Doubling Down. After this command, the bet is doubled, and the player receives an additional card. Most often it is logical to use the doubling in the event that the sum of the first two cards does not exceed the value of 10 points. Then, when doubling the bet, the possibility of busting is excluded.

Main blackjack rules that help you to win

Rules of blackjack says that the main task of the player is to get 21 points on the hands or the value as close as possible to this number. It is also important that the dealer scores fewer points than the player. If there are 21 points or blackjack on hand, the croupier pays double win.

To succeed regularly, it is important to know the official blackjack rules and values of all the cards. Cards from two to nine have the number of points equal to their value. Ten, Jack, Queen and King are ten points. An ace can be either one or eleven points (depending on how much points the player currently has) - perhaps this is the most desirable card in the deck.

Depending on whether there is an ace in the hands of the player, the combination of cards can be hard or soft. In its absence, the term "hard hand" is used. If there is at least one ace, the hand is called “soft”.

There are several basic tips that will increase the chances of newcomers to succeed and will not require long practice. For example, it is advisable to always split aces and eights into different hands. Usually, this opportunity is presented once in each game (if we are talking about a standard casino), and this move can turn a losing hand into a winning one.

There are certain standard blackjack rules that apply to both players and dealers. The dealer gives card face down to the player. There are also variations where the first card of the croupier remains open - it helps to assess the degree of risk and make the right decision.

Before you start playing for real money, it is recommended to practice and hone your skills when playing blackjack at home or on a demo account at an online casino. Only a carefully considered strategy and constant practice will help to achieve success in this business. There are even special computer programs that help with learning. If the player made the wrong decision, they show warnings or give hints.

How to win at blackjack online

There are three options when a player wins. The best way to win at blackjack is getting two cards on hand - an ace and a card with a dignity of 10 points. However, this is only relevant as long as the dealer does not have blackjack too. In this case, the hand is considered a draw, and the bets are returned.

The second method is the final value of the cards (three or more), equal to the 21st. Well, or in the event that the player has the number of points more than the dealer. The third variant of victory is the busting from the croupier. Of course, constantly winning blackjack online is impossible, but there are some blackjack tips to win that can help you for a long time.


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